• About ME

    Want to start a YouTube Network? Having trouble securing a CMS account? Do you need Content ID? Or do you just want to build a large audience for your channel? I can help!

    I specialize in assisting people who want to start a YouTube multi-channel network.


    I founded the Power Up TV multi-channel network which I sold to Thunder Studios in January 2015. As part of the acquisition I then served as Vice President of Thunder TV. In this role I spearheaded the transformation of Thunder Studios (a very traditional film studio focused on stage rentals) into Thunder Digital Media (a new media company focused on producing video entertainment for Millennial audiences).


    As the architect for the conversion of Thunder Studios into Thunder Digital Media, I took the high level desires of the company and broke them down into lists of actionable items, which included the development of new software products; the formation of new service divisions; the hiring of new employees and training in operational procedures; and supervised the creation of new legal contracts for forming strategic partnerships and recruiting new talent. I directly negotiated strategic alliances and built a YouTube multi-channel network from scratch.


    I am also the author of several popular books related to growing a business around YouTube channels. Click here for a list of my published works.


    Want a sample of my knowledge and expertise? Read these articles.

  • Areas of EXPERTISE

    Growth Hacking

    Business Analysis

    CMS Acquisition

    Content ID Management

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    I am YouTube Certified and have consistently passed the annual renewal exam for the past three years.

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    I'm one of the most well connected individuals on LinkedIn in the Film and TV industry.


    I rank in the Top 1% for the Industry.


    I have extensive contacts at multiple media companies, including YouTube.

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    Why Hire Me?

    Many of the people who want to start a network find they cannot get any assistance from the YouTube Partner Managers. The problem you have is one of communication; lower-tier employees like Partner Managers don't care if you start a network or not and therefore have no incentive to want to help you. Simply put, you're communicating to the wrong people. Worse, the senior level managers you need to talk to rarely attend the sort of events that channel creators do. This makes it more difficult to network with them and get on their radar.


    The second problem people find is that even when they locate a senior employee who could help them get approved as an MCN, the person trying to pitch their network concept often discovers the hard way that they don't know how to speak to senior YouTube employees about starting an MCN.


    The quick and dirty truth is most people have no idea what YouTube expects from MCN founders nor do they understand why YouTube encourages MCNs. If you know this critical information you can get approved to become an MCN but if you lack it you will fail every time.


    This is where I come in.


    I can solve all your problems because I speak YouTube's language and I know what they want to see from a new MCN applicant.


    I have successfully secured several CMS accounts in the past. At my last job as a Vice President at Thunder Studios I personally signed the MCN Partnership contract with YouTube. If your dream is to start a YouTube multi-channel network then I can make this happen for you.


    Keep in mind I do not work for free. I have invested the past decade of my life into building up my knowledge and relationships in this industry. My time and expertise have a value associated with it.

  • Consultation packages

    Want to hire me? I have several options to fit any need and price range.

    I require a retainer for all services.

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    Channel Starter Package

    When you still need to build a YouTube channel.

    Does your YouTube channel not have at least 100,000+ subscribers and at least 100,000 hours of video watch time in the past 90 days? You're not ready to become a YouTube network but I can still help you.


    Working with my team of growth hackers I can develop a marketing plan that will help build your channel into a sustainable business and position you for approaching YouTube with the request to become an MCN. My services can fit any marketing budget level. I can utilize both paid advertising and organic channels to grow your audience.


    Price: Hourly Rate: $65/h @ 100-130 hours per month. One to three month contract term depending on complexity of your situation.


    (Want to see more YouTube channel management services I can provide? See http://www.channelmanagementservices.com/ for details )

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    Pitch Development Package

    When you just need a little help.

    Do you have an existing YouTube channel with a lot of content and watch hours but YouTube still won't give you a CMS? Do you have at least one big YouTube star who has agreed to join your future network?


    Or do you run an existing sub-network and want to upgrade to full MCN status?


    Perhaps you have a library of content that is being pirate uploaded to YouTube and you need Content ID to recover the lost revenue?


    If any of these situations apply, you likely just need a well polished pitch presentation and an introduction to senior YouTube employees. I can help and this package is for you.




    • Development of pitch materials for presentation to YouTube senior management.
    • Assistance with obtaining a YouTube CMS account with Channel Rollup-tool and Content ID Enabled

    Price: Hourly Rate: $50/h @ 30-50 hours

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    Standard Package

    What most people ask me for.

    Do you have an existing business and you want to build an MCN division within your company? This package is for you.




    • Review of Business Plan for Client’s MCN + Market Research
      • Familiarization with the current business model of client for aligning the MCN with.

      • Analyze the initial business model for the client’s MCN division using lean business strategies and principles to keep startup costs down and mitigate risk for client.

      • Drafting a new business plan for the proposed MCN division that YouTube will approve.

    • Consulting on how the client’s legal team should draft contracts between client and its YouTube channel partners, and provide examples from other competitor MCNs for clarity of market norms.
    • Audience Development + Social Engagement Strategy
      • Develop a plan for outreach to specialty stores, blogs, conventions, YouTube creator personalities who have audiences of interest to your MCN, in order to generate audience awareness of your network and capture audience email information for building mailing lists.

      • Develop a plan for cross-platform social sharing of your network videos to communities on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc

      • Develop a plan for implementing Video SEO best practices to all uploaded video content which includes keyword research, closed caption script, link wheel creation, social signation generation (Facebook, Twitter, G+, reddit, etc) and strategies for how to improve traffic for weakest performing videos.

      • Consultation on what third party business intelligence tools your MCN can use to data-mine social networks to assist with programming strategies.

    • Development of pitch materials for presentation to YouTube senior management.
    • Assistance with obtaining a YouTube CMS account with Channel Rollup-tool and Content ID Enabled
    • Consulting on how to obtain and/or build a third party software dashboard that will link with YouTube channel APIs for tracking earned revenue, handle customer billing and create an efficient work-flow for recruiting, signing up and managing YouTube channel partners who join the client’s MCN. If necessary for internal development of this dashboard, provide wire-frames and user-story documentation necessary for software engineers to build such a dashboard. This third party dashboard is necessary for YouTube to approve MCN status.


    • YouTube Content ID Management Training

      • Training of your MCN employees in how to operate Content ID matches to manually screen content for potential fair use cases and/or erroneous matches before monetization is claimed on behalf of your MCN. This training is necessary for YouTube to authorize the issuance of a Content ID system and will allow the employees to successfully pass the YouTube Certification exams necessary for your MCN to be recognized as a YouTube Certified MCN.

    Price: Hourly Rate: $80/h @ 100-130 hours per month. One to three month contract term depending on complexity of your situation.

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    Deluxe Package

    Hire me to build your MCN for you.

    Do you want to hire me to serve as an interim executive to develop your brand new MCN company from the ground up and train your employees on how to operate it? Do you need me to recruit channel partners for you and establish the necessary strategic alliances to launch your MCN?


    This package is for you.




    • Everything in Standard Package PLUS:


    • Drafting of the initial business model for your MCN division using lean business strategies and principles to keep startup costs down and mitigate risk.

    • Develop branding necessary for your MCN to be positioned strongly in the market.

    • Perform all necessary market research (questionnaires, polls, surveys, etc.) to identify the MCN service offering and validate the business plan. This market research will also identify customer profile of YouTube creators to target for future recruitment efforts, and provide you with a lead sheet.

    • Drafting of Power Point presentations for pitching the MCN to YouTube, brands, advertisers, investors, channel partners, etc.

    • Build relationships and form key strategic partnerships necessary for MCN growth in the early phase of the business.

    • Oversee all marketing aspects of the MCN in the early phase of the business.

    • Drafting an Operational Budget for your MCN, including list of employee roles and wages.
    • Complete list of all necessary jobs (and their descriptions) for your MCN startup to run efficiently. Drafting of hiring schedule for a 12 month period. Organizational hierarchy chart will also be included. I can also interview, hire and train all the necessary employees.
    • Drafting of MCN employee procedural operation handbook.

    Price: Hourly Rate: $150/h @ 130 hours. Three month contract term.

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    Need Help Fundraising?

    I am also an authorized Wefunder Scout.


    Interested in launching a Regulation Crowdfunding campaign, selling your company shares to the general public with the goal of raising $75K to a maximum of $1 million dollars? I can advise you on the process of launching your campaign to target online investors, and even help you fill out the application. This consultation service costs you nothing.


    Keep in mind Regulation Crowdfunding can be used to fund all types of companies whether LLC or C Corporation. Got a film project or TV series you want to finance? Need to raise capital for your future MCN? Reg CF might be the thing to help you do it and I'm the guy to walk you through the process.


    (Not sure how to raise money for a film related project using Wefunder? Click here for a guide.)


    *Note: Only companies based in the United States can conduct Reg CF campaigns.

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    Can't afford to hire me?

    You can purchase my book, 'How to Start Your Own YouTube Network: An Insider's Guide' that covers all the basics of how to build your own MCN.


    Svetlana Quindt

    "Thanks Carey for helping us solve our YouTube channel problem so quickly and effortlessly! You were a great help and we appreciate it very much!"

    Eric Perez

    Channel Manager, Screenwave Media

    "Carey is knowledgeable and his credentials are legit. His books are excellent sources on how this business works."


    I'm available to help you achieve your needs!

    Serious inquiries only.

    Note: I do not work for revenue splits on future earnings.

    I require a retainer for all services.

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    The Lean Channel: YouTube for ENTREPRENEURS

    Have you ever wanted to start a business centered around producing YouTube videos? Having trouble convincing viewers to become subscribers? This book serves as a guide for the complete novice instructing in how to get started on your path to becoming a new media sensation and make money. Learn everything from how to setup your channel to how to brand your show. There is even advice on how to grow a community of passionate subscribers.

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    YouTube sponsorships: How creators like you can fund your channel

    Are you having trouble generating money from your YouTube channel? Want to score some free product for a video review or giveaway contest? Well, you are in luck! Each year companies spend $17 Billion on sponsorships. This is an ideal source of funding to tap into for any YouTube creators. However, many video bloggers simply have no idea what a good sponsorship deal is. They do videos for either low or no money that, if they were more knowledgeable, would have earned them six figure deals.

    Sport athletes and film actors don’t do endorsements for free. Why should you?